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Thanks are due to the prime Petrona for the news that Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series is to translated into English and published in the correct order next year.
Stieg Larsson was a great fighter against racism in Sweden, and unfortunately he died of a massive heart attack in November 2004.

His novels have won both the Glass Key for best Nordic Crime novel, and the BÄSTA SVENSKA KRIMINALROMAN in 2006. The fact that we will get these translations so soon after their original publication in Swedish is very good news, and there is still a wealth of Scandinavian crime fiction untranslated for us non -linguists.
  1. Maxine says:

    >Thank you for the link, Uriah.Why is that Michael Connelly book in the picture?In view of what you write, I am definitely looking forward to these.

  2. >I took this photo from Stieg Larsson’s website I think. So I am not sure.I am reading Jo Nesbo and will post shortly about the ridiculous order in which his books have been published.

  3. MaxCady says:

    >Just wanted to say that i’m really looking forward to the SL books Quercus have said that more Scandinavian crime authors are heading in the UK direction next year

  4. >Thanks Max, me too but I do hope they publish them in the correct order.

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