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I have just read Ken Bruen’s novel Priest [review to be posted in next few days] and I think I will tuck it away from sight just in case. I have visions of one of the “Holy Dusters” the little Irish ladies, who volunteer to clean the local Catholic Church dropping in, seeing Priest, and exclaiming “Oh! a religious book can I borrow it!”

I might have to spring across the room and rip it from their hands. On the other hand listening to these Irish ladies it is pretty clear that they understand that Ireland has changed, and that the new wealth has not brought happiness to everyone.

The Celtic Tiger has a fierce appetite, which is great for the inspiration and plots it gives crime writers, but not so good for the victims.

The suicide of young men has been called the Irish Disease, so perhaps the “Holy Dusters” might nod their heads in agreement with Jack Taylor, and his creator Ken Bruen.


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Thanks to The Rap Sheet for the news that the Wolfe Pack have awarded this years Nero Award to Julia Spencer-Fleming for her novel All Mortal Flesh.

Julia joins Tess Gerritsen, who won last year, Lee Child, Walter Mosley, S.J.Rozan, Linda Fairstein and Laura Lippman as winners of this award.

If you thought that was exalted company the Archie award for lifetime achievement was won by Dorothy L. Sayers, and she joined Rex Stout, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie as the only other holders of the award.
The other nominees were Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Ngaio Marsh, and Edgar Allan Poe!