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You have until 1 January 2008!

Please send your answers to my new special competition email address at titled Quirky Quiz.

Here we go:

1) In which book was 40 kilos of cocaine smuggled into Italy from Montenegro?

2) Which crime writer was born in Racamulto, Sicily?

3) Which crime writer died in Lausanne, Switzerland?

4) “The day was hot and stifling, without a breath of air.” Is the first sentence of a crime novel set in which city?

5) What apart from writing crime fiction did Raymond Chandler and Rex Stout have in common?

6) By what name is Salvatore Lombino better known?

7) Which detective has a housekeeper named Adelina?

8) Which famous crime writer also wrote a History of the War in the Aleutians?

9) Which detective tracked down a killer known as “Pit Bull”?

10) Which crime writer worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency?

11) Who starts a novel on a diet of Lemsip and Greek yoghurt?

12) Which city had sixteen different police forces?

13) Which detective should never play cards?

Good luck. I did not say it would be easy.


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With winter having well and truly arrived, and the nights having closed in I have set a testing quiz to keep you busy.

If anybody actually gets all the right answers there will be a prize, the winner will be able to choose from a small selection of books by some of the really great crime writers.

If no one gets all the answers right by New Year’s Day I get to keep the books! There’s a challenge for you.

I have also decided to delay posting about my choice of five best reads as I had forgotten [it’s my age] that the excellent Eurocrime posts the reviewer’s choices in the New Year. I am incredibly “chuffed” to be included among this entertaining and friendly bunch so I won’t rock the boat.

I will say that I haven’t got round to reading The Big O by Declan Burke [who blogs at Crime Always Pays] as I am saving that up to cheer me up over a particularly dismal January weekend, otherwise I am sure it would be in my top choices for this year.
The questions will be posted next…………