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I have posted previously about my great admiration for Stieg Larsson’s campaigning stance against Neo-Nazism here and here and here.

His early death was indeed a tragedy. But in those posts I made the point that the book itself  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo did not warrant the degree of praise that was being heaped upon it in an almost hysterical fashion. The novel certainly did not match up to the brilliant marketing campaign.

Then I read a post on The Rap Sheet by Ali Karim which stated:

‘I really believe that after the second and third installments of his Millennium  series, The Girl Who Played With Fire (January 2009), and Castles In The Sky (January 2010) are released Larsson’s name will become legend, mentioned in the same breath as Conan Doyle, Christie, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Ian Fleming’.  

Read the complete post here. I remain one of the unconverted at the present time perhaps because I read Nemesis by Jo Nesbo reviewed here and here and here after I had finished the Larsson and compared the two.