Archive for November 2, 2008

My review of Stella Rimington’s Dead Line is up on Euro Crime here. Dead Line is the fourth in the series featuring MI5 agent Liz Carlyle and as Stella Rimington was Director- General of the Security Service that alone makes it a worth while read.

There are also excellent and enticing reviews from Maxine of Petrona here and Terry Halligan here of Bad Traffic by Simon Lewis, which sits on my mountainous to be read pile. It sounds like a must read.

On a less pleasant subject I watched 15 minutes of the British ‘comedy’ Little Britain USA the other night. Frankly I thought it was absolutely disgusting  and did not see what was funny about a supposedly disabled person climbing into a lion’s den, having their arm bitten off, blood spurting out of the stump and asking for a plaster. But then I don’t appreciate cutting edge, or lavatorial humour, and find it very sad that British television that produced such great comedy as The Good Life, Ever Decreasing Circles,  Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses, The Vicar of Dibley, Open All Hours, Porridge, and Rising Damp has been reduced to Little Britain.