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I watched a fantastic French cop thriller last night. Leo Vrink [Daniel Auteil] and Denis Klein [Gerard Depardieu] are tough policemen and are regarded as rivals for promotion.

The one whose team arrests a violent gang and ends a string of  armoured car robberies will get that promotion. The rivalry between the cops and their relationships with their informants are complicated, and when an operation goes disastrously wrong the plot takes an unusual twist.

The action is fast and furious both Auteil and Depardieu look suitably weathered and act their roles brilliantly. The women including Valeria Golino as Camille, Vrink’s wife, and Catherine Marchal as policewoman Eve Verhagen, look gorgeous and the cinematography and lighting match the varying moods. This 2004 film had nine nominations at the French Cesar Awards, and there is apparently an American remake underway.
Even if you don’t like subtitles make an exception for this exciting thriller I don’t see how a remake could match it. 

>I have been tagged by Peter of Detectives Beyond Borders for an interesting meme. I am a bit anti-meme, because they impose conditions on fellow bloggers who are usually free spirits, but this is fairly easy for me because I have listed all the books I have read this year in my journal.

The idea is that you list all the authors that you have read for the first time this year and bold face them if they are debut novels and then tag others to do the same. I will not tag any other bloggers but obviously anyone is able to perform this exercise if they wish to on their own blogs. 
I have varied the process slightly in that I have italicized debut novels and starred those authors whose books I will seek out in 2009. I have also put an exclamation mark alongside those authors whose books I really did not enjoy. 

In The Woods: Tana French
The Big O: Declan Burke*
The Cat Trap: K.T.McCaffrey*
A Vengeful Longing: R.N.Morris*
Some Bitter Taste:Magdalen Nabb
Mistress of The Art of Death: Ariana Franklin*
Manhattan Nocturne: Colin Harrison
Three to Kill: Jean-Patrick Manchette*
Death in Breslau: Marek Krajewski*
The Natural Disorder of Things: Andrea Cannobio!
The Snake Stone: Jason Goodwin*
The Man in the Window: K.O.Dahl*
Echoes From the Dead: Johan Theorin*
Death Rites: Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett
Volk’s Games: Brent Ghelfi
Lorraine Connection: Dominique Manotti*
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Stieg Larsson*
The Serbian Dane: Leif Davidsen*
Detective Inspector Irene Huss: Helene Tursten*
The Ice Princess: Camilla Lackberg*
The Skull Mantra: Eliot Pattison*
The Sun King Rises; Yves Jego and Denis Lepree
The Maze of Cadiz: Aly Monroe
Dante’s Numbers: David Hewson!
Blood of the Wicked: Leighton Gage*
Second Violin: John Lawton*
Deadline: Stella Rimington

As you will see I had a mostly positive experience with new authors and went on to read second books written by Jason Goodwin, Ariana Franklin, John Lawton and Leighton Gage. 
I am reading my 52nd crime fiction book of the year and another new author for me:
Last Rituals : Yrsa Sigurdardottir*