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There were some personal highlights and low points during the year. 

May, the best mother in law in the world, died aged 97 but she had a good innings and lived long enough to see the highlight of our year, her granddaughter Clare getting a FIRST in Sociology from the University of Sussex.  

I appeared on ITV West Country News talking about the Honeytones, and my cousin’s daughter appeared on Newsnight talking about the Greek riots. She is a ‘real expert’ on International Crime with a PhD proving that interest in crime runs in the family. 

On the blogging scene the highlight of the year was meeting up with that brilliant group of superbloggers at Crime Fest in Bristol. 
Other highlights were ‘on line’ interviews with K.T.McCaffrey, Leighton Gage and Marek Krajewski, [link and scroll down for multiple entries] and some nice comments made about  my review of Philip Kerr’s March Violets  by the talented crime writer Michael Walters. The review is here.

Many thanks to all those who have linked to my posts on crime fiction and the Honeytones  or commented during the year. I would put links to all of your blogs but the list would be very long and I am still suffering from ‘cold’ therefore I might forget someone; so thanks to  everyone in the side bar plus a few others. ;0)

What pleased me about my reading and blogging this year is that sometimes I got it right, but more about those rare occasions after Christmas. 


Posted: December 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wishing everyone Seasons Greetings [Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa]  and a Happy Healthy Prosperous [I am a deranged optimist] New Year.