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Britain’s most senior counter terrorism police officer Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, a man who perhaps has never heard of cameras with telephoto lenses, clutches a secret file in his hot little hands.

Can we not afford a box file or a nice briefcase for a counter terrorism “expert”, or has the country’s money all gone on bath plugs for our Home Secretary? 
If a thriller writer put this scenario in a novel he or she would be laughed at by critics. This country is in the mess it is in because people in all walks of life from finance, politics, NHS, social care and the police are promoted for various reasons to positions way above their abilities. 
UPDATE: Thursday 9th April 
Bob Quick has resigned.


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‘In a dying civilization, political prestige is the reward not of the shrewdest diagnostician, but of the man with the best bedside manner. 

It is the decoration conferred on mediocrity by ignorance.’ 

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