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It is time for the April Mini Quiz, which is part three in the ten part battle for not only a prize, but the honour of being crowned the champion. 

Talking of champions I will refrain from mentioning the name Branislav Ivanovic more than once in today’s post. 3-1, 3-1. 

The contenders in the Miniquiz over the first two rounds come from Australia, Denmark, New Mexico, Scotland, Texas, Virginia and Wales. But of course with 8 rounds to go there is plenty of time to enter and win the grand prize.

The questions are stored at Crime Scraps HQ with certainly more security than Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick could muster for his documents.  

Here we go, opening the safe and taking out the question, which is really fairly easy:

A Chinese American, and a Belgian as well as ten others are linked by a Central American Republic, an International Police Organization and a philatelic celebration.
Explain and identify the dozen?

Please send your answers to by 28 April


Posted: April 9, 2009 in Uncategorized


Many thanks to the lovely Dorte at DJS Krimiblog for the Grasshopper Award probably given to me for my not so subtle hints on her very testing Bait in the Box quizzes.