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I have been identified as a possible spam blog!

I can only assume that in trying to be helpful and putting several links back to the reviews on Euro Crime I triggered some robot at Blogger HQ.

I feel like Salvo Montalbano with his ‘certificato di esistenza in vita’, I am not spam, I am alive.  Please do not delete me! 


You can read my review of the first in Michael Walter’s Inspector Nergui series, The Shadow Walker here.

I enjoyed the novel especially the fascinating location and the account of the problems faced by developing countries wishing to exploit their natural resources without destroying their unique culture. I kept mentioning interesting passages in The Shadow Walker to Mrs Crime Scraps with the result that we are booked into a Mongolian Yurt on Bodmin Moor for a holiday. I might pass this on to a more ecological and ethical offspring as Bodmin can be wet and cold at any time of the year.

You can read reviews of the other books in the series The Adversary here and The Outcast here. And another review of  The Shadow Walker here. These reviews are by Maxine Clarke of Petrona.

Author Michael Walters has a very interesting blog here.

Yesterday’s quotation came from California Fire and Life by Don Winslow.

I thought it was relevant because of the current recession, the violent reaction of British cops to the G20 demonstrators, and the fact that Don Winslow won the Palle Rosenkrantz Prisen awarded by the Danish Crime Academy in 2008. 

Previous winners include Karin Alvtegen, Hakan Nesser and Peter Robinson.