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You can read my review of the first in Michael Walter’s Inspector Nergui series, The Shadow Walker here.

I enjoyed the novel especially the fascinating location and the account of the problems faced by developing countries wishing to exploit their natural resources without destroying their unique culture. I kept mentioning interesting passages in The Shadow Walker to Mrs Crime Scraps with the result that we are booked into a Mongolian Yurt on Bodmin Moor for a holiday. I might pass this on to a more ecological and ethical offspring as Bodmin can be wet and cold at any time of the year.

You can read reviews of the other books in the series The Adversary here and The Outcast here. And another review of  The Shadow Walker here. These reviews are by Maxine Clarke of Petrona.

Author Michael Walters has a very interesting blog here.
  1. maxine says:

    >Good review, Norman. I went back and read mine of the same book – I think we had quite similar opinions. Other than Dartmoor, it is my only experience of Mongolian yurts.

  2. >I read this quite a while ago and had to re-read my review to remember what I had written. I then read yours and was pleasantly surprised that we agreed. I made a mistake and gave both my copies of [sorry yours and mine] away as prizes. They were in demand but I have saved The Outcast to read in the Yurt!

  3. >I forgot thanks for saying it was a good review. :o)

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