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The question was:

A Chinese American, and a Belgian as well as ten others are linked by a Central American Republic, an International Police Organization and a philatelic celebration.
Explain and identify the dozen?

There were five correct answers, well done, to this conundrum which was that:

In 1972 Nicaragua to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Interpol  issued a series of twelve stamps with images of great fictional detectives.

Charlie Chan- the Chinese American
Hercule Poirot- the most famous Belgian
Lord Peter Wimsey
Philip Marlowe
Sam Spade
Perry Mason
Nero Wolfe
Auguste Dupin
Ellery Queen
Father Brown
Sherlock Holmes
Inspector Maigret

These are all were male detectives and I am sure that some readers might be able to suggest six female detectives to even up the numbers in this more enlightened age. 
I wonder why they did not include Miss Marple? Or Mrs Bradley?