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You can read my review of Alone in Berlin Every Man Dies Alone in the USA] by Hans Fallada translated by Michael Hoffman at Euro Crime here.

This is a brilliant book about ordinary people fighting back in the only way they know. What do you do when your whole country gets stolen? 

This book should be compulsory reading in all our schools in order to educate our children against the dangers of Fascism in all its forms. Don’t take my word for it and for once the blurbs are spot on.

“Alone in Berlin is one of the most extraordinary and compelling novels ever written about World War II. Ever. Please, do not miss this.” 
Alan Furst

“An unrivalled and vivid portrait of life in wartime Berlin”
Philip Kerr

“The greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis”
Primo Levi   

>NUMBER 5,000!

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On 18 February I managed to insert a sitemeter and yesterday I had visitor number 5,000 [from New York state] to Crime Scraps. Thank you all for those 5,000 visits because I never thought I would get a 1,000 visitors in a year, yet alone 5,000 in two and a half months.

The really interesting phenomenon is the world wide appeal of crime fiction because I have had visitors from an astonishing 92 countries, if you count Hong Kong and Gibraltar as countries, and 90 if you don’t. From Argentina to Yemen and Burkina Faso to Mongolia and Cambodia to Chile there are intelligent readers captivated by crime fiction books. I hope you have all found something to interest you.