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I have moved on to read The Return by Hakan Nesser which is the third book in his Inspector Van Veeteren series.

The clever Literature Maps website here shows that the closest author to Hakan Nesser is Andrea Camilleri, which is probably why I am really enjoying this series. 
You can read my previous posts about Van Veeteren here.

I like the way he blends the very black humour into the police procedural format, and that reminds me a lot of the Martin Beck series. 

“Do nothing!” said Van Veeteren. “I’m on my way.”
He started to climb out of bed, but at that very moment the doors opened and in marched an unexpectedly large squad of personnel dressed in green.

The receiver was left dangling. 
“Hello?’ said Munster. “Are you still there?”
The nurse picked it up.
“Mr Van Veetern has just left for the operating theatre,” she explained and replaced the receiver. 


Gordon Brown wondering whether some of his Outer London MPs might be claiming

more travel expenses than the French deputies from Reunion, New Caledonia, or Martinique. 


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This quiz proved more difficult than some of the others but despite that I had some excellent answers from as far afield as Texas, Virginia, Scotland and the garden of England, Kent. 

The TEN National Parks and the most popular choice of books for each were:

Dartmoor: The Hound of the Baskervilles:Arthur Conan Doyle

Exmoor: He Should Have Died Hereafter: Cyril Hare

Lake District: The Arsenic Trail: Martin Edwards

New Forest: A Mortal Curiosity: Anne Granger

Norfolk Broads: Gently Down a Stream: Alan Hunter and Waterproof: Chris Crowther

North Yorkshire Moors: Malice on the Moors: Graham Thomas

Northumberland: The Crow Trap: Ann Cleeves

Peak District: Black Dog: Stephen Booth

South Downs: Death on the Downs: Simon Brett

Yorkshire Dales: Gallows View: Peter Robinson

There were of course other correct choices but these were the most popular.