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The last time I drove regularly between Bristol and Bath, Park Street seemed like a gentle slope, Lyndon Johnson was the US President, and there was broken glass on top of the walls of the women’s halls of residence. Perhaps that is why I was so exhausted by my four days in the Bath-Bristol-Swindon area, I am getting old and Bristol has got a lot busier in the last 40 odd years.

I didn’t have a lap top or other clever device to post direct from the convention but did have my trusty camera and over the next few days will try to give you an impression of my two days in the countryside and two very pleasant if truncated days at the convention. 
What a very charming and friendly crew the crime fiction community are!
The photo shows the haul of books I was given on the right and the three books I bought on the left. Getting this lot back to my car was a fairly exhausting process for this decrepit old wreck. To think when I was accepted at Bristol University  in 1963 I was quite a good rugby player, and now I would be struggling to cope with a game of chess with Inspector Van Veeteren.
When I post about Crime Fest 2009 please excuse any name dropping, it is unavoidable in reporting anything about an event which was attended by so many authors, translators and bloggers.
To be continued………