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I can now reveal what Don Bartlett, translator of both Jo Nesbo and K.O.Dahl’s books, inscribed in my second copy of The Devil’s Star, which I reviewed here.

“To Norman, Very exciting to meet the Uriah I already knew, Don”

This was wonderful news for two reasons, firstly that the great translator Don Bartlett had read my blog, and secondly that if he thought meeting me was “very exciting” he obviously did not get out much, and was usually busy in his study providing us with more translations of the Nesbo and Dahl books. 

I am looking forward to Don Bartlett’s next two translations to be published which will be  K.O.Dahl’s The Last Fix [next month] a winner of the Riverton Prize, and The Snow Man by Jo Nesbo. 
  1. maxine says:

    >It was a lovely moment, Norman, and a deserved tribute. What a lovely guy – not just his looks ;-), but his courtesy, focus, seriousness and charm. “Dry northerner”, indeed 😉

  2. >I don’t know about the deserved tribute but he is a very nice guy. Don did not mind me posting about this although my psychiatrist said it was encouraging my egomania into a megalomania. ;o)

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