Posted: June 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

We were very lucky that there were crime writers at Crime Fest 2009 from both sides of the Atlantic. Here are left to right:

Leighton Gage, who lives most of the year in Brazil where he sets his Mario Silva investigations series which you can read about here and here and if you scroll down you can read my interview with Leighton. I am eagerly awaiting Dying Gasp the next book in this exciting series.

Hakan Nesser, whose Van Veeteren series is rapidly becoming one of my favourite Swedish crime fiction series. You can read my reviews here by scrolling down.

and the charming Cara Black, who lives in San Francisco, and writes the Aimee Leduc investigation series set in Paris. I hope to get reacquainted with Aimee in the next few months. 
[Photo courtesy of Leighton Gage]
  1. maxine says:

    >Very nifty with your links to the search Hakan Nesser, Norman ;-)Nice post, as ever. Brings back happy memories.

  2. >Sorry that a lot of scrolling is necessary I mentioned Hakan quite a lot over the past two years. I will tidy up the reviews when I review Woman with Birthmark.

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