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Quote: “Here exclusively in The Times, the first of the 2009 Dagger shortlists are announced.”

I rushed out in the pouring rain to buy my copy of The Times which had a headline that quotes our current Prime Minister, “We Fight On”. 
There are the European Election results out tomorrow, and Gordon Brown will no doubt be telling us on Monday that we [the British people] want him to get on with the job despite another shattering defeat. 

But enough about politics the really important news is that the International Dagger shortlist  has only two changes from the list I posted here  chosen by Karen of Euro Crime here.

Unfortunately no Niccolo Ammaniti and no Hans Fallada, but they are replaced by another couple of very good books:

More on this in the next few days. 
UPDATE: The official CWA link is now on line here.
  1. Euro Crime says:

    >I did think these two might be categorised as "literature" rather than crime so I'm not too disappointed with my prediction :). Thanks for posting the info.

  2. >I agree with you Karen about the Hans Fallada, but I thought the Ammaniti might get a mention.Italian crime fiction does not seem to feature as much in the CWA awards as French and Scandinavian books. I may be wrong but I think Andrea Camilleri has had two nominations and no one else even mentioned in four years.

  3. Euro Crime says:

    >Especially as Ammaniti's book won the Italian equivalent to the Booker prize. Of course the publisher might not have submitted it for consideration.I think Camilleri's August Heat might be on next year's list :).

  4. >The list is now online on the CWA's website: The Times asked us to hold back for a few hours.Roger Cornwell (CWA webmaster)

  5. >I enjoyed two books categorized as 'literature' so I must be getting more intelligent in my old age. In fact both those books [Ammaniti and Fallada] were very readable and unpretentious unlike some books that I have struggled with in the past.;o)

  6. >A further update: readers can comment on the books shortlisted for the International Dagger on our forum at thecwa.co.uk/forum, and also on books you would like to see on the shortlist for the Gold Dagger, which will be revealed on 15 July.To be eligible, books must have been published in the UK between 1 June 2008 and 31 May 2009 — US and other publication dates are almost guaranteed to be different.Regards,Roger Cornwell

  7. >Thanks for the information Roger I will go over there to see what comments people have made later.

  8. >Nothing seems to feature as mucn om the short lists as Scandinavian and French books. In re Italian, though, Euro Crime's long list (not sure if this was an official CWA long list as well) included Carlo Lucarelli's Via delle Oche. I don't think the De Luca novels, of which that is one, get the appreciation they deserve.Four of six, though, is a good job of prediction.My verification word is the phonetically appropriate mistri.============== Detectives Beyond Borders"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home" http://detectivesbeyondborders.blogspot.com/

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