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1996 – L’Homme aux cercles bleus; English translation: The Chalk Circle Man 2009

1999 – L’Homme à l’envers; English translation: Seeking Whom He May Devour, 2004, (Prix Mystère de la critique)

2001 – Pars vite et reviens tard; English translation: Have Mercy on Us All, 2003, (Prix des libraires)

2004 – Sous les vents de Neptune; English translation: Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand, 2007 [International Dagger winner]

2006 – Dans les bois éternels; English translation: This Night’s Foul Work, 2008

2008 – Un lieu incertain; English translation: A Dubious Place
  1. Tim says:

    >Yes, I've thoroughly enjoyed the ones I've read. She certainly has a different slant on things :-)BTW, Wikipedia has info on other novels …http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Vargas#Bibliography

  2. Kerrie says:

    >I don't think A DUBIOUS PLACE is yet available in English is it?I haven't read HAVE MERCY ON US ALL yet either

  3. >Thanks Tim, I haven't read her non Adamsberg books or Seeking whom he may devour or Have mercy on us all.Yes Kerrie you're right A Dubious Place hasn't been published in English. Probably next year?

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