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I watched the next Swedish Wallander episode, The Overdose, last night which I had recorded on BBC 4 Monday night.

This is a series which is growing on me despite the dark pitiless plots, and the subtitles which mean you have to concentrate hard.
Last week’s episode, The Brothers, was partially a commentary on the social gulf between rich and poor and between indigenous and immigrant populations, this week’s involved the exploitation of fourteen year old schoolgirls by some disgusting older males. You could almost imagine that the plot was written by Stieg Larsson, while hoping all the time that Lisbeth Salander would bounce in with a taser gun. A trial and legal process was far too benevolent a fate for these guys.

When Kurt Wallander is very worried about his health, he confides in Ann-Britt Hoglund, who wouldn’t, meanwhile his daughter Linda is devastated by the case as it brings back very unpleasant memories of her childhood.
There is also a hint of romance in the air between Kurt and Ann-Britt, but when a very upset Linda snuggles for comfort into Stefan’s bed he carries on reading a Donna Leon novel.

I have chosen to highlight these slightly lighter moments because watching The Overdose is a harrowing experience, and it got me extremely angry at the behaviour of the male authority figures.

What acting in this episode did to the psyche of the brilliant actress Johanna Sallstrom, who played Linda Wallander, I would not care to guess.
I will be watching again next week.


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