Posted: August 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

The weather was terrible again today, therefore in the next few days I will be posting the questions for the Crime Scraps Summer [it is summer although it does not seem like it] Quiz with a prize choice of books for the best answers.

But for now here are the questions for the August mini quiz number 7 part of the marathon entering the home straight.
Please send your answers to thbear08@googlemail.com by midnight BST Monday 10 August.

1] Which authors created the following investigators, Stoner, Studer, Scudder, Sejer, Asch, Bosch, Balzic and Banks?

2] What is the connection between a southern Slavic Viking, a misleading small herring-like fish and the image of a small citrus fruit?

3] Who and what connects a diurnal bird of prey, Lucile de Vasconcellos Langhanke, Laszlo Lowenstein, and a former tea planter from Sandwich, Kent?

Good Luck.
  1. Mack says:

    >You may have finally stumped me with#2.

  2. >Number 2 does seem to have people stumped, so I will post a clue with my reminder that there is only one day left to answer later tonight UK time. Good luck.

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