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The three questions:

1] Which authors created the following investigators:

Stoner, Studer, Scudder, Sejer, Asch, Bosch, Balzic and Banks.

Answer: Jonathan Valin, Friedrich Glauser, Lawrence Block, Karin Fossum, Arthur Lyons, Michael Connelly, K.C. Constantine, and Peter Robinson.

2] This question gave people the most trouble

What is the connection between:

a southern Slavic Viking: The Serbian Dane, hence the clue referring to Danish Dorte.

a misleading small herring-like fish: The Sardine Deception, which was the first book that Tiina Nunnally and Steve Murray translated together and it was published in 1986 by their own Fjord Press in Seattle.

and the image of a small citrus fruit: Lime’s Photograph.

All of course thrillers written by the Danish author Leif Davidsen.

3] Who or what connects a diurnal bird of prey. Lucile de Vasconcellos Langhanke, Laszlo Lowenstein and a former tea planter from Sandwich in Kent?

bird of prey: a falcon
Lucile Langhanke is better known as Mary Astor
Laszlo Lowenstein is Peter Lorre, and Sydney Greenstreet was a former tea planter.

So the answer was The Maltese Falcon in which they all starred along with Humphrey Bogart.

Thanks very much to those who were brave enough to take part.
The competition has three more rounds to go and there are now four contenders any one of whom could win. They come from Texas [and Belize], Denmark, Scotland and Virginia, well done to all of you.
I hope to come up with some questions worthy of your attention in September.

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