Posted: September 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have finished reading If The Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr one of the six nominated books for the Crime Writer’s Association Ellis Peters Historical Crime Fiction Award. This is the third time the Bernie Gunther series has been nominated for this award with The One From The Other in 2007, and A Quiet Flame in 2008. I need some time to collect my thoughts to write my review but my first reaction is that this is even better than the earlier Bernie Gunther novels with this one emphasizing the fact that there are good and bad in every race.

Reviews of the Bernie Gunther novels:

My review of March Violets, the first book in the series.

‘You Nazis are all the same.’ He laughed again. ‘Hypocrites.’
‘I’m not a Nazi. I’m a German. And a German is different from a Nazi. A German is a man who manages to overcome his worst prejudices. A Nazi is a man who turns them into laws.’
If The Dead Rise Not: Philip Kerr

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