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I thought I would belatedly join this meme at Kerrie’s Mysteries in Paradise and start with C is for Colin Cotterill.

You can learn a lot about Colin Cotterill by exploring his fascinating website. As you will discover cartooning and writing are two of his great passions.

I have two of Colin’s books sitting on my TBR pile and am ashamed to admit I have not found the time to read either of them. This is terribly remiss of me as there are certain coincidences that lead me to believe I have to read these books soon.

I received a proof copy of Anarchy and Old Dogs at Crime Fest 2008 in Bristol but perhaps the blurb on the back was a bit too close to home for me.

‘When a blind, retired dentist is run down by a logging truck as he crosses the road to post a letter.’……….’ The dentist’s mortal remains aren’t nearly as intriguing as the letter in his pocket.’

As a retired dentist whose eyes and feet are faltering I don’t think I could dodge any trucks at the moment. But I must read this book!

When I entered the quiz for that prize I had no idea that my son would be in that part of the world within a few weeks. The coincidence is a little weird in that Colin Cotterill lives in Chumphon on the Gulf of Siam with his wife, Jess, while my son Ben is at the moment at Kampot, Cambodia on the other side of the Gulf of Siam visiting his girlfriend, Jess!

‘Eight years ago, Colin Cotterill became involved in child protection, and set up an NGO in the south of Thailand which ran for two years. After two more years of study in Australia in child abuse issues, he spent more time with the southern project before joining ECPAT-an international organization that combats child prostitution and pornography. He set up their training programme for caregivers.’

After reading this I think I can now forgive him running over a dentist, and I must read his books.

Modern computer technology is fantastic as earlier today I was able to not only speak to, but also to see Ben on video, when I phoned Cambodia, and Skype to Skype is free.