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I received this message from Leighton Gage, who as well as writing exciting thrillers set in Brazil was called a ‘prince among moderators’ by Peter Rozovsky of Detectives Beyond Borders.

Hi Norman

This Saturday [the 24th] at 12:30 PM United States Eastern time, I’ll be hosting a program live on BlogtalkRadio.com. Listeners can use Skype [or any normal telephone] to call in with questions to a New York area code.
If they can’t catch it live, the program will be remain archived for a month.

The guests are Yrsa Sigurdardottir [Iceland] , Michael Stanley [South Africa], Stuart Neville [Ireland] and Cara Black [France]. For more details, just go to www.blogtalkradio.com and type my name into the site’s search function. If you “join’ the site , it will convert the air time to your own time zone and you won’t have to figure it out. Kindly talk this one up, because it is right up the street of most of your readers. Thanks.

I am certain this will be of great interest to readers but I am not sure he has the time correct [I think it is 12.30 AM British Summer Time], but then I have been converting Phnom Penh time this week. In England we go back to Greenwich Mean Time GMT on Sunday morning and the dark evenings really begin.

[Photograph of participants Leighton Gage and Cara Black with Hakan Nesser at Crime Fest 2009 in Bristol]
  1. Dorte H says:

    >The dark evenings – oh horror. But it would be a striking title for a crime story 😀

  2. >Thank you, Norman, for mentioning it.As to the time, 12:30 PM (and it is PM) Eastern standard time is probably 17:30 in the UK at this time of year. But it's like I said. All you have to do is to register as a listener in your time zone, look up the show, and the proper time will appear. Ah, technology!

  3. Sunnie Gill says:

    >Thanks for that heads up. Have set a reminder for myself. Sounds interesting.

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