Posted: November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Finally we have a winner for Colin Harrison’s Risk!

Here is the answer:

The question asked you to work out alternatives for:

‘on a minor path’- Sidetracked
‘anonymous murderers’-Faceless Killers
‘domesticated Latvian carnivores’- The Dogs of Riga
and a ‘silently amended female’- The Fifth Woman.

The ‘Fifth’ relates to the amendment of the US constitution which maintains the right of the accused to maintain silence, and refuse to answer questions, in order not to incriminate themselves.

The four books were all written by Henning Mankell, but the odd one out is The Dogs of Riga translated by Laurie Thompson, while the other three were translated by Steven Murray aka Reg Keeland.

The winner who struggled through to get the correct answer comes from British Columbia, and I will post the prize off next week. Well done.
  1. >Congratulations to the winner!!

  2. Maxine says:

    >Fantastic set of clues, Norman! I had no idea of the answers to any of them- but now I see the answers, they make perfect sense. Great quiz. And why am I not surprised that the winner is in British Columbia ? 😉 Congratulations to him (or her, in case my guess is incorrect).

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