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I think that John Lawton’s Troy series are brilliantly written books and am enjoying reading Blackout, the third book in the series set in 1944.

But I have noticed an error! I wondered if this was deliberate as surely someone as clever as John Lawton would not make such a simple mistake, or was it the editor?

Troy realised how odd this must be to a man of Onion’s age. He had been born into another world . He was of an age with the novels of H.G.Wells and Jules Verne. He had been seven when two bicycle manufacturers took their dream down to Kittyhawk, South Carolina, and made it fly.

But I am being pedantic there is too much wit, wisdom and suspense in this novel to let such a simple geographical error spoil my enjoyment. Although Tarheels might be very annoyed.

‘God, all that paperwork. You wouldn’t think a German would be so hard to find. There’s never one around when you want one.’
‘If he was here in 1940, then he would almost certainly have been rounded up in that wave of detentions after the fall of Norway. He may even have been interned. That means fingerprints.’
‘Well, he’s hardly likely to have arrived here since, is he?’

‘It’s that possibility that worries me,’ said Troy.