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Is it my imagination or are these weekly challenges coming round quicker, and are they getting more difficult? I am posting a day earlier this week but it does seem as if it was only yesterday that I posted about John Lawton.

My contribution to this week’s Crime Fiction Alphabet meme at Kerrie’s Mysteries in Paradise is K is for Krajewski. Marek Krajewski.

Marek Krajewski has written the Eberhard Mock series of books, featuring a very quirky detective and the German city of Breslau, which is now the Polish city of Wroclau. Marek is a lecturer in Classical Studies at the university, and the books are a homage to the city and its turbulent history.

Unfortunately so far only two of the Eberhard Mock have been translated into English by Danusia Stok. Click below for my reviews.

In a previous post I described Eberhard Mock, as an alcoholic, depressive, brutal wife-beating policeman, who is interested in the classics, astrology, chess and prostitutes, and who administers harsh justice without recourse to the legal system.

You could smell the beer, bratwurst, sex and blood in these books and Mock, the hero/anti-hero is so eccentric and so horrible that I do hope Quercus intend to publish the rest of the series.

You can read my interview with Marek Krajewski here part one and part two.