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I wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and pleasant New Year holiday.

With some people not returning to work until 4 January 2010, I thought that I would set one of my little quizzes to keep you amused, and to provide an excuse to get away from the TV, and the relatives, for a while.
There will be top quality book prizes for the best three entrants so get your thinking caps on.
An easy one to start.

1] Who said ‘Send him to gaol, and you make him a goal bird for life. Besides it is the season of forgiveness.’

2] Which crime writer, and which actor in a crime series, are never odd or even?

3] How would a minister of religion, a word puzzle, a type of code and an aperture be useful in a murder investigation?

4] A famous crime novel begins with the following sentence. Fill in the gaps and name the novel.

‘Some women give birth to ______ , some go to bed with them, and some ______ them.’

5] Grace Kelly starred in the film Rear Window, and Catherine Deneuve starred in the film Mississippi Mermaid [ la Sirene du Mississippi]. What is the connection between these two films, apart from having two very beautiful women as the stars?

6] What is the link between a bird of the Icteridae family with yellow and black plumage, metal drawn out to be thin and flexible, and three roses and a bottle of cognac?

7] What is the nominal connection between the discoverer of the secret of life, an Italian navigator, a transcontinental expedition leader, and an English seaside town? And who were their colleagues?

8] Name a crime writer who was born in Malaya in 1907, and a crime writer who lives in Thailand?

9] What sort of cooperation might mysteriously involve a lonely American jockey, Royal cousins, single colloquial nightwear, and a Gallic pseudonym?

10] Who are these ladies?

a) Dulcie Duveen
b) Mary Marston
c) Ellen Gjelten
d) Nancy Neele
e) Cynthia Murdoch

Best of luck and please send your answers to by the closing date Wednesday 6 January [midnight GMT].