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I wanted a positively themed post to end the year, and the decade, so here is a list of the best crime fiction I read during 2009 that had a location outside Europe, or the USA.

These would have been useful for Dorte’s Global Reading Challenge 2010, but I have some more books already lined up for that pleasant task.

[thanks to Crimeficreader]

Each of these books spotlights razor sharp social, and political, commentary combined with a crime story that is just a bit different from the usual fare.

Venturing onto the subject of real life crime, the Honeytones played at Dartmoor Prison this year, and were very well received by what could be called a captive audience.

My best wishes to everyone for a very happy and healthy 2010. Happy New Year.
  1. >I wish you and yours a wonderful 2010, too, Norman. You've chosen some excellent novels, by the way. I haven't read them all, but they're all tempting : ).

  2. >They might not be any good for your 2010 Global Challenge but others of us might be able to use them for that very purpose so thanks Norman. Actually I had already put the Mrs D'Silva book on my wishlist thanks to your review and only yesterday was mumbling to myself that it would be perfect for me to read for the challenge and therefore I could justify buying it :)Happy New Year to you and yours too and may 2010 bring many more great reading discoveries for you

  3. Kerrie says:

    >Happy New Year Norman. I'm considering whether to see if I can get the Mrs D'Silva on Kindle.

  4. Dorte H says:

    >Happy New Year! Thank you for promoting my global challenge. It is so great to see that so many participants seem to be looking forward to it. Somehow I have overlooked Cotterill´s book. How funny as it is on my TBR and on my list for my What´s in a name challenge :O And now I have Inspector Sing Investigates on my TBR, and have ordered Matt B Rees, The Bethlehem Murders.

  5. vindhu says:

    >happy new yr..good work ,have a nice yr

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