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Dorte’s 2010 Global Reading Challenge is proving a very pleasant task and I have completed Europe, and am on my second Asian book.

I have also collected books to read for Africa and Australasia, and to complete North America and South America.


Thirty-Three Teeth: Colin Cotterill-Laos. I am reading this now.

North America:

South America:

I did a little research over four weeks In January to see where my visitors came from, and the map on the left shows that they come from all over the world, even though visitors from African countries were a bit sparse. In the past I have had visitors from several North African and West African countries, but perhaps they were all watching their football tournament during this period.
  1. Dorte H says:

    >What a nice, global post. I think we are several participants who thoroughly enjoy travelling around the world in an armchair 😀

  2. Maxine says:

    >Great post, Norman. Probably internet connections are not that great in some African countries, but just start reviewing a few Deon Meyers and so on, and hopefully they will begin to arrive. The London Book Fair this year has an African theme so you may be able to pick up some ideas from that.I'm planning to read Che committed suicide based on your review – heaven knows when, though- the books just don't stop arriving (often bought in a moment of weakness by me, showing a lack of imagination for any chance of finding the time to actually read them!).

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