Posted: March 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

A small celebration because the plaster came off my leg on Monday, and although it looks as if it was run over by a truck I am still breathing!

There was among my fellow patients in hospital there was a guy who had been run over by a truck in a petrol station, which had driven up his leg.

The driver got out looked at him under the vehicle and reversed back off the leg!

The gun shot wound guy in the next bed had apparently been out “lamping” and got in the way of the shot. A lot of blood all over his bed, but no mystery there.

I spent two nights post op in hospital, and heard some very sad stories from fellow patients, including one who was admitted after a heart attack. He developed pneumonia so they had to wait to operate, and during that time he fell in the bathroom and fractured his hip!

Some time ago a DAB radio station in the UK went off the air and just broadcast birdsong. With the birdsong the number of listeners increased dramatically, and Crime Scraps also had an increase in visitors following my disappearance from the web.
Is this telling me something?

Many thanks to all those who sent their best wishes for my recovery. I hope to catch up with the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme letters V and W in the next few days.
  1. >Norman – I was very glad to see your post; I, for one, have missed your regular posts. I'm very happy that they took your plaster off, and I hope that it won't be long before you're really up and around.

  2. Maxine says:

    >Welcome back to the land of the Internet, Norman! From what you write you were luckier than some of your fellow-patients. I am looking forward to V and W. I think the increased traffic is due to everyone constantly checking in to see how you are, if you are back, etc – as we miss your posts!

  3. Dorte H says:

    >Great that you are on the mend! I enjoyed your V-post, but "gritty Chandler and Hammet" is probably not my taste.

  4. >Norman I think you went to a bit of an extreme effort to give yourself extra time to find something to post for the dreaded letter X for the Crime Fiction Alphabet but I understand the impulse ;). It seems odd to worry about the health of a person one has never met but that's another thing the internet has brought me so I am so glad to hear you are on the way to mending. Take care.

  5. >Thanks so much for your concern Maxine, Margot, Dorte and Bernadette. The sad part is that so many people in the two wards I was in had to stay in hospital risking infection because they had no one at home to look after them. With my wife, daughter and granddaughter attending to my needs I am definitely very spoilt, and very very lucky. Bernadette, I have not been able to read much, I am a third of the way through a superb Roger Morris historical novel, so I will have to fall back on my X reserve. ;o)

  6. Donna says:

    >Norman – I am very glad you are being spoiled, and glad to hear you're on the mend. Take good care and enjoy the spoiling -you deserve it.

  7. >Pleased to read it went well on Monday. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery.

  8. >Thanks Donna and Rhian.

  9. Kerrie says:

    >Glad to hear you are back on deck Norman even if not really able to trip the light fantastic yet.

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