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My contribution to the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme hosted at Kerrie’s Mysteries in Paradise is W for Washington Shadow.

Washington Shadow is the second book in Aly Monroe’s Peter Cotton series.
From my review for Euro Crime:

..intelligent dialogue, considerable tension, a love story and the credible period attitudes of the characters produce a tense atmosphere that simply makes you want to keep turning the pages to discover what happens next.

I am really looking forward to reading the charming Aly Monroe’s next book which will be set during the period of post war austerity when Britain was financially bust. Some things never change.
  1. >Norman – So nice to see your posts again : ). I hope you're on the mend. Thanks for mentioning this novel. I'd thought about reading it when I read your review, and you've reminded me to add it to my list : ).

  2. >Thanks Margot. I hope I am on the mend now with my stitches due out on Tuesday. Help! I am a total coward and funnily enough with all the thousands of stitches I took out of people I never felt a thing. ;o)

  3. Dorte H says:

    >Good to see that you are catching up with us again! And perhaps you have a scary X-ray for us next week? ;D

  4. >Not scary Dorte as I have picked a crime related non- fiction book. Crime "related" in more than one sense.;o)

  5. >Another book for the "to be read" list 🙂

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