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It is election day at last, and I looked up the opening words of the prologue of Philip Kerr’s The One From The Other set in Berlin 1937:

I remember how good the weather was that September. Hitler weather they called it. As if the elements were disposed to be kind to Adolf Hitler, of all people.

On this UK election day the heavens have opened and the rain has been bucketing down. I am therefore assuming the bad weather is a good sign for democracy.

On a lighter note Adrian McKinty recently won an award in the Rising Star category from Spinetingler magazine for his novel Fifty Grand, which has moved up a couple of notches on my TBR shelf.
Adrian’s blog The Psychopathology of Everyday Life is always interesting and he has posted recently about which baseball team you are allowed to root for, and about the Liberal Democrat manifesto.
Purely for fun I thought I would pick my England Crime Fiction Writers Baseball team. This would allow me to place nine writers in a batting order with the heavy hitters, as in cricket, in the heart of the order at 3,4, and 5. It also allows me to manipulate the American League designated hitter DH rule to allow a designated dead writer DDW in the lineup.
I have tried to keep the choice to English born writers, that I have read, and who set their books in England. I suspect only Scotland, Sweden and the USA could rustle up a team to challenge this group.

1. Mark Billingham
2. John Lawton
3. Colin Dexter
4. Agatha Christie [DDW]
5. Reginald Hill
6. Ruth Rendell
7. P.D.James
8. Peter Robinson [I know he lives in Canada now, but his novels are very English]
9. Martin Edwards

My excuse for this frivolity is that the idea of a “hung” or “balanced” parliament with all the political chicanery that will involve has addled my brain.

I hope this is the dark part of the night, which is generally just before the day.

General Nathaniel Greene quoted in 1776 America and Britain at War: David McCullogh
  1. >Norman – Oh, this is marvelous! Thanks so much for this creative and fun idea! Your team would certainly challenge any other : ).

  2. Rob Kitchin says:

    >Ok, Norm, I'm going to rise to the challenge. Here's an Irish team that will give them a good game. My feeling is that it'll be a close match given it's largely experience versus youth. Perhaps youth with out-run the golden oldies?1. Declan Burke2. Gene Kerrigan3. Colin Bateman4. John Connolly5. Ken Bruen6. Declan Hughes7. Adrian McKinty8. Arlene Hunt9. Brian McGillowayReserves: Benjamin Black, Tara French, Alex BarclayI'm sure the Aussies/Kiwis might also rise to the challenge?

  3. >Wow. I am honoured to be mentioned in such elite company.

  4. >Martin it is a well deserved honour. ;o)I really enjoy reading about Hannah and Daniel.

  5. >Thanks Margot. I am almost sure there could be a powerful Bear Flag Republic team just from California.Rob, that looks a solid lineup. You must be pleased to have managed to get back home in between eruptions.

  6. Kiwicraig says:

    >Nice idea Norm – I'm sure I could easily create a pretty good Anzac lineup, but I'm going to try and see how good a New Zealand one I can come up with (although with only one dead writer counting, that will make it a little trickier – would have been nice to include Freda Bream, Laurie Mantell, or Fergus Hume – all of who had some international success of note). Obviously Dame Ngaio Marsh will take up the one DDW Kiwi spot…

  7. >If its any help I did actually play cricket in school but batted, er, 10th man. I know what you're thinking…well he must have been a decent bowler then. And, um, no I wasnt really. In baseball I think I'd be a good scrappy lead off man, always willing to take one on the noggin to get on base.

  8. Maxine says:

    >Here's a team that is bound to lose:ErlendurMikhael BlomkvistMartin BeckJohanne VikKurt WallenderGerlofHarry HoleEricka FalkRebecka MartinssonBut most of them would be fine going out for a consoling drink afterwards.

  9. >Craig, looking forward to those NZ and ANZAC team.Adrian, 10th in the order you must have been good. I was once asked to play for South West London team, as they had heard I was good, and could I bring along the Indian dentist who worked for me. I was banished to the second team and he of course was the reason I had been asked to play.Maxine, don't you think Gerlof is too old for this! I don't mind a drink with Rebecka Martinsson. ;o)

  10. Dorte H says:

    >Ehm, is this cricket? ;D If I tried to come up with a Danish team, I am sure Maxine´s could win easily as half of mine would be dead and buried. But we could have a great wake!

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