Posted: May 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you read this post at Bernadette’s blog Reactions to Reading you will find out why I am having trouble balancing my big head on my weakened knee.

“This excellent review at Crime Scraps [the blog which has single -handedly rekindled my interest in historical fiction over the past year or so…..”

Thanks Bernadette for those kind comments which made my day.
  1. >Sincerely meant Norm. I had stopped reading historical stuff years ago but you tempted me to dip my toe in the water again and I have rediscovered the particular joy that is getting lost in some long-gone world.I hope your NHS will pay for a slave to help hold your head up to save your knee

  2. >Thanks Bernadette, what a good idea, a slave! I must say I have had excellent treatment on the NHS. because I am not too demanding as long as I am left breathing I am satisfied. ;o)

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