Posted: May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I do read a lot of books that are not historical crime fiction, but sometimes that does not appear to be the case. I certainly do enjoy historical crime fiction especially when the writer has taken care to do careful research, and create a believable atmosphere.

In The Informer by Craig Nova “you can smell the cigars, sausages and perfumes of Weimar Berlin.”

  1. >Norman – Thanks for the lovely review. I actually like it when you review historical mysteries, because I like them very much, myself. This one goes on my TBR list ('though I confess I'm not exactly sure how long it'll be 'till I get to it : ( ).

  2. NancyO says:

    >I really enjoyed this book and I'm happy to see others like it as well. Thanks for the pointer to the great review.

  3. >Thanks Margot and Nancy. TBR piles breed rapidly and when two non-blogging friends heard I was incapacitated they sent and brought round two very thick non-fiction books as presents!

  4. >Love historical mysteries! Am wrapping in some history into my current MS…We'll see how it goes!MicheleSouthernCityMysteries

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