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I am struggling a little with the book I am reading at the moment, and a review will no doubt appear at some time in the future. Unless the second half is a much better read than the turgid first half my review might put me in a minority of one, because this author has won everything available in this galaxy, and is incredibly popular.

Let’s hope it is a book of two halves, because it has been a real challenge to get this far without sending it to the charity shop.
Do other people ever find that they read a new author, who everyone else says is superb, and you just find them a bit boring?

Updating Amy’s Scandinavian Crime Fiction Challenge, I have read five of the six books to complete the challenge.
And for Dorte’s 2010 Global Challenge, which I am attempting at the medium level, I have read ten of the twelve books required [although I cheated and read two from the USA, because I had not read the instructions properly] and now need two Australasian books read to complete the challenge.

These challenges will have to await completion for a while.

When I finish the problem book I will move on to read something that I am sure will be more my scene, The White Gallows by Rob Kitchin, who blogs at The View from the Blue House; and then “Banks is Back” as I have Peter Robinson’s latest book Bad Boy on my schedule, my review of that one will appear on Euro Crime in due course.


Just to remind you there is still time to enter the draw to win a copy of either August Heat or The Wings of the Sphinx by Andrea Camilleri.

The question to answer is:

Why did the first Desert Island Castaway make a wartime British Prime Minister admire an Italian dictator?

The deadline is next Monday 21 June, and answers should be sent to

Good luck.