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I do hope that after the success of the Swedish Wallander programs someone at the BBC takes a look at some other Yellowbird series.

They include the first Detective Inspector Irene Huss series starring Angela Kovacs based on the books by former dentist Helene Tursten, with a second series planned, as well as a series featuring Liza Marklund’s crime reporter Annika Bengtzon in development.

A chance for these female authors to get more publicity might help the main stream media finally get the notion that there is more to Scandinavian crime fiction than just Henning Mankell, and Stieg Larsson.
Irene Huss and Annika Bengtzon are the sort of capable female protagonists that might also convince our television program producers to come up with something new and different from their usual fare of middle aged morose male detectives with personal problems.