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Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay have already qualified so these South American football supporters can relax before England’s big game against Slovenia.


The question was:

Why did the first Desert Island castaway make a wartime British Prime Minister admire an Italian dictator?

Simple if you knew I was referring to the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs. The first “castaway” was radio comedian Vic Oliver, who was married from 1936-1945 to Winston Churchill’s daughter Sarah.

There is an anecdote that when asked at a dinner party, attended by Oliver, whom he most admired Churchill replied:

“Mussolini” and explained ” because he had the good sense to shoot his son- in- law [Count Ciano].”

Copies of August Heat and The Wings of the Sphinx will be sent off to winners in Morpeth, Northumberland and Crawley, Sussex in a few days. Well done!