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I recently completed the 2010 Scandinavian Reading Challenge hosted by Amy at the Black Sheep Dances.

I read and reviewed the following six books:

These books are written by some powerhouse Scandinavian writers, who have won numerous awards, and sold millions of books, but believe it or not none of them is named Stieg.
Of course his translator is there among a formidable and talented group, who have allowed us mono-linguists to enjoy these fantastic novels.
I think there is a nice balance three men, three women, two Norwegians, three Swedes and an Icelander.
But there is the snag.

Our Danish expert Dorte of DJS Krimiblog informs me that Iceland may be Nordic, but it is not Scandinavian.

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines Scandinavian as relating to Scandinavia, its people, or its languages.
Scandinavia is defined as a large peninsula occupied by Norway and Sweden, or a cultural region consisting of the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and sometimes also of Iceland, Finland, and the Faroe Islands.

As a man who has never refused a Danish pastry I will, with great pleasure, accept that Dorte is correct and complete a Scandinavian Plus extra challenge by reading a Danish, and also a Finnish book.
  1. Dorte H says:

    >LOL I am sure a Danish crime novel is a much healthier diet than Danish pastry so I will happily let you go along with my petticoat regime. If you choose well, it might even be a sinecure ;D What I have said, however, is that FOR SCANDINAVIANS, Scandinavia is Denmark, Norway and Sweden (or just Norway and Sweden). I am well aware that the rest of the world use another definition.

  2. >Dorte, your the boss when it comes to Scandinavian matters. I am now reading Leif Davidsen's The Woman from Bratislava. Very good so far.

  3. >Sounds like you have had fun with this challenge. I have to admit, I would have thought Iceland was Scandinavian.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >And Danish pastries are actually Viennese!

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