Posted: August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

On 10 July I noted the countries from which I had visitors over a thirty day period and was pleasantly surprised.

The list of countries has got longer since then with seventeen more countries, and therefore I have produced an updated map.
  1. Kerrie says:

    >looks good Norman

  2. >I am impressed, Norman! And I like the visual, too : ).

  3. >Well done Norman. Guess the blank spaces just tell there is no English speaking person around or there is no Internet conection.

  4. >Thanks Margot. I love any kind of map.Thanks Jose Ignacio. This was only since June but I have noticed before that time period visitors from Mongolia, Kazahkstan, Tadjikstan, Madagascar, Belarus, Ghana and Algeria. So perhaps I might be able to entice these people back over the next few months.At the moment I am reading Teresa Solana, A Not So Perfect Crime translated from the Catalan, and enjoying the humour and social commentary very much.

  5. Dorte H says:

    >I see red! This goes to prove how global your blog is 😀

  6. >A very welcome visitor from Belarus today fills that white area in Europe. More red!

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