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What to read next?

After reading two Swedish door stops from Roslund and Helstrom [506 pages], and Leif G.W. Persson [551 pages], do I take a break from Northern European angst or read another more attractive Swedish author, whose book contains a mere 508 pages?
  1. >Norman – I love the 'photo :-). My preference for myself is to read shorter, lighter novels between doorstops. But everyone's different…

  2. >Margot-I had decided to read a shorter, if not lighter, novel, but could not resist a chance to post the photo which I took on Sunday. I stayed well away from those horns, but incredibly parents were letting young children climb up on that fence!

  3. >Norman – You don't want me to clutter up your blog with my pet rant about parents who don't supervise their children. You just simply don't. And I'd have avoided those horns, too…

  4. Maxine says:

    >Glad it was not a red deer, Norman. I don't think I have read anything light recently, so can't really recommend anything between the doorstops – but if the attractive Swedish author is the one I am thinking of, I think the 508 pages will fly by!

  5. >Maxine- I have now started Water Blue Eyes, Domingo Villar, definitely not light from the opening chapters, but short enough for me to think about what I am going to read next.

  6. Mediations says:

    >I think I know which one you mean, too, Norman. And if I am right, Maxine is right – it will fly by.(And it is actually only 487 pages as the last few are taken uop by a rather good Word from the Author, and an extract from The B******).

  7. Dorte H says:

    >Lovely photo! Well, I like a varied diet, but I´d never assume one Swedish writer is like all the others so ….

  8. >Thanks Mediations. You are both right and I will put the latest by the attractive Swedish author next after the Domingo Villar on my TBR list.

  9. >Dorte it was just the number of pages that was daunting, but the Domingo Villar's Galician police procedural has got me feeling queasy in the first few pages. ;o)

  10. kathy d. says:

    >Norm, you could try "The Lincoln Lawyer," as a change of pace, by Michael Connolly.It is an easy, but really intelligent read. Or a Sjowall/Wahloo if you haven't read all of their ten books, or even an Andrea Camilleri, another good, satisfying easy read.

  11. >Thanks Kathy. I have read all the Camilleris that have been translated, and 8 out of the ten Sjowal/Wahloos.I have started water Blue Eyes by Domingo Villar a short book which starts with a particularly horrific murder………and the detectives eating some very fresh sardines. I am enjoying it. ;o)

  12. Maxine says:

    >Although the murder is brutal, and described without sparing the reader, the author provides the essentials, no more no less. (you have to know some of the details for plot reasons.) that is, he does not do any Cornwellian (etc) dwelling on the bodily effusions, et al, over and beyond the call of necessity, nor is he (like a cozy) glossing over any nasty stuff. I thought he got a good balance.

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