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She needed to read more about ETA, but she knew they were among the least approachable terrorist groups in the world, killers for the sake of killing. As self appointed representatives for a homeland that never existed they demanded compensation for injustices that had never been committed.
Den Roda Vargen-Liza Marklund [2003] Red Wolf [2010]

I am really enjoying reading Red Wolf by Liza Marklund, and love the realistic way she brings in the personal life of her protagonist.
Journalist Annika Bengtzon has worked out that there is a probable serial killer on the prowl who sends their victim’s families quotations from Mao.

Why did so many middle class and wealthy students from rich Northern European and North American countries follow the cult of a ruthless murderer like Mao Zedong?
Tragically his ideas inspired Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge to commit their terrible crimes, and I suspect that many politicians in power today were followers of Mao in their youth. If you are going to commit mass murder, or become a terrorist group, you are probably advised to get yourself a good public relations agency, and manufacture a lot of T-shirts.

Crime fiction is a wonderful way of getting over facts, and strong opinions, that otherwise might be unpopular if stated in another form, and Liza Marklund does this with subtlety and skill.

‘You’re a good boy,’ she whispered to him. ‘You don’t know how horrid people can sometimes be. But there are horrid people, and you can’t cure them with love.’

I do like this Swedish cover of Red Wolf [Den Roda Vargen] much better than the British edition with the JP blurb, but I don’t think we British are allowed to have women portrayed on book covers. More about this in a future post……