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Continuing my Swedish theme a hat tip to Bokmania for the news that the prize for Best Swedish Crime Novel of 2010 was won by:

Den doende detektiven [The Dying Detective] by Leif G.W. Persson

This was the veteran Prof. Persson’s ninth crime novel, and he has won this prize twice before, in 1982 with Samhallsbararna, and more recently in 2003 with En annan tid, ett ahat liv [Another time, another life].

I reviewed Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End [which I believe is the prequel to Another time, anther life] here and here.
I am hoping that when, and if, The Dying Detective reaches us in English it is a less repetitive and verbose tome than Between Summer’s Longing.

The Martin Beck prize for the Best Crime Novel translated into Swedish went to Devil’s Peak by Deon Meyer. I haven’t read this book , but really enjoyed two of his other novels, Thirteen Hours and Blood Safari.