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Dorte at DJS Krimiblog has organized a 2011 Global Reading Challenge following the great success of her 2010 challenge.

I managed the Medium challenge this year, and you can read my 2010 roundup post here, including links to the reviews.

In 2011 I will attempt to reduce my TBR pile by using some of those books in the Medium challenge [two books each from the six continents, twelve different countries, and also two from that seventh continent in my case, History].
My preliminary reading plans, subject to change, for this challenge are:

Devil’s Peak: Deon Meyer [South Africa]

Villain: Shuichi Yoshida [Japan]
Disco for the Departed: Colin Cotterill [Laos]

Gunshot Road: Adrian Hyland [Australia]

Prime Time: Liza Marklund [Sweden]
River of Shadows: Valerio Varesi [Italy]

North America:
Havana Fever: Leonardo Padura [Cuba]*
The Song Is You: Megan Abbott [USA]

South America:
The Feast of the Goat: Mario Vargas Llosa [Dominican Republic]*
The next book by Ernesto Mallo [Argentina] ??????

Phantoms of Breslau: Marek Krajewski [Germany 1919]
A Little White Death: John Lawton [England 1963]

* I am allowing myself a certain latitude in placing books from Central America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean.
[Images show the new logo for 2011, and my 2010 challenge books.]