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Part of this Aussie Author Challenge is not to mention the cricket at all, even a little bit. At Adelaide England won by an innings and ….Oops.

I am tackling this at the Tourist level: read three books by three different Aussie authors.
I have already selected the three books for this challenge:

Gunshot Road: Adrian Hyland
Deep Water: Peter Corris -joint winner of the 2009 Ned Kelly
Wyatt: Garry Disher-winner of the 2010 Ned Kelly


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Another day, another challenge.

You can read the rules here.
This time I am going to be strict with myself and stick to surnames for the titles of my posts.
I may review a book by that author, or just write a short bio, or perhaps a item concerning some aspect of the author’s life.
But I will be trying to avoid too many of the subjects I used last year, although some of the posts may double up with other challenges, or refer back to older posts.