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The last few weeks I have watched a couple of DVDs of the subtitled episodes of Beck, a Swedish series based on the characters created by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo starring Peter Haber as Martin Beck, and Mikael Persbrandt as Gunvald Larsson.
They were fine viewing mainly because I got the impression the actors had read the books from cover to cover, and then were determined to stick to those original characters rather than create their own version. Many thanks to the kind person who brought them back from Sweden.

There have also been some really good crime fiction series on British TV, and the cable channels which show some of the best from past years.
I watched Sherlock, Foyle’s War, Morse, Garrow’s Law, and on Sky 1 David Morrisey in Thorne: Sleepyhead and Scaredycat, based on Mark Billingham’s books.
I have only read one Tom Thorne book, and these TV programs were a bit too graphic for me.
Sherlock was superb fun, with Bernard Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, an eccentric but believable modern day Holmes and Watson.
Garrow’s Law is an interesting historical drama series based on the real life cases of the 18th century lawyer William Garrow.
However my personal favourites are Morse, with John Thaw’s definitive performance as Morse and the wonderful Oxford scenery, and Foyle’s War, with Michael Kitchen’s superb portrayal of the thoughtful wartime detective.
Foyle’s War is beautifully acted, and so evocative of the time exhibiting all the restrained attitudes and accents of that period.
I could listen to Honeysuckle Weekes as Samantha Stewart all day long.

But when I have ventured away from wartime Hastings, and the dreaming spires of Oxford, the one US series that has gripped me is The Good Wife, with the winning combination of attractive women, the law, and political intrigue.
And now there is only a day to wait for Rolf Lassgard’s Wallander on BBC4 at 9.30 pm.