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On occasions a photo can say a lot more than pages of prose. On the right Cpl Ricky Ferguson MC gravely injured in Afghanistan, a true hero.

On the left the stupid son of a wealthy pop star who has issued an apology for defacing the Cenotaph. He now says he is ashamed, or was it his parent’s public relations firm that said that. Frankly it is an apology that needs to be made in person preferably in court.

It is not entirely young Gilmour’s fault that he behaved so foolishly, because he has been failed by both his upbringing and his expensive education.
A history student at Cambridge should at least have the common sense to look around the corner to read the sign on the monument. A history student should know what happens when mob rule takes over the streets.

Unfortunately the constant denigration by the glitterati of our history and the sacrifices made for our freedoms have left too many of our young people with a warped view of society and the world.

One could say that there are not enough proper graduate level jobs in the country, so why should the tax payer artificially fund so called vocational courses that cannot cannot possibly provide employment. It is a fraud perpetrated on the young people to say that everyone who takes a degree in Football Studies, or Food Styling with Photography, or Television Outside Broadcast [production operations], is going to be able to gain employment in those specialities.
I wonder if some courses are more about providing jobs for the lecturers than a viable career for the students.
One thing I am certain of is that the unacceptable violence, and the desecration of the Cenotaph, on Saturday have damaged any case against the rise in the tuition fees.