Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Of the fifty eight books I read in 2010 a total of fifteen were set in Nordic Countries with a hefty nine from Sweden.

UK 10
Sweden 9
Italy 4
Germany 3
Norway 3

  1. petronatwo says:

    >Great chart, Norman, and a very impressive global spread of books. It is such an eye-opener, reading books by authors in different countries (usually better than books simply set somewhere else by someone from somewhere else if you see what I mean).Maxine (I am having to sign my comments as Blogger persists in knowing me as petronatwo now I have my new blog!)

  2. >Thanks Maxine. That is how I got the name Uriah Robinson I used it once replying to some people Stieg Larsson would not have liked and blogger never let me change.

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