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In 2010 I read 58 books.
Twenty seven were translated into English, and thirty one were originally in English.

Thirty eight and a half were written by male authors and nineteen and one half by female authors. That odd half author is a result of reading Murder at the Savoy by the husband and wife combination of Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo.
  1. petronatwo says:

    >Very impressive! Do you count Roslund and Helstrom as two (!) ?Maxine

  2. >Oops I counted them as one.Leif GW Persson complained about certain authors [Marklund/Lackberg] using their physical charms to sell books. I don't think we will hear him complaining when the Roslund-Hellstrom combo puts their photo on books.

  3. Dorte H says:

    >A fine overview of what you have read. I haven´t checked all my reviews, but of my ´new writers´, 38 of 59 are women. That doesn´t really surprise me as I don´t read many thrillers or graphic novels, and I think the majority of these are written by men. And this year I have chosen to read more cosies than usual – to learn the ropes so to speak – and most of these writers are women.

  4. kathy d. says:

    >Well, I didn't read as much as others, but my books were "quality" works. I read 31 new to me authors in 18 countries, but many, as yet uncalculated states within the "States." Read books by 26 women, 35 men and one book by both. Have to figure the demographics on which countries' books were most read.If I could eliminate grocery shopping, paying bills, going to libraries, making dinner, chatting on the phone to friends, doctor's or dental appointments, reading the daily NY Times–heck, I'd have so much more time to read classic crime fiction. That seems so much more important.

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